Team Building–Verdun Style!

Levi and I took a scenic trip to Verdun on Tuesday where we took a leisurely 2 hour stroll around the site. Our guide showed us examples of team- and leadership building activities, as well as the high adventure courses, including the famous zip line! One of the highlights of the tour included the rock wall, which includes different inclines as well as varying styles and skill levels of climbing. On the other side of the rock wall are parallel hanging bars of wood, which teams use a combination of leadership skills and team work to climb.

The activities involved with the camp not only help groups learn how to work together, but can potentially change the group dynamics permanently and positively. By spending a day participating in games and activities which not only play on the strengths of the individuals, but also encourage these strengths to be applied to a group setting, groups learn how to identify and use one each others strengths, and appreciate each other more. Individuals that might feel isolated from the group in a work setting might find themselves of value in these group activities, and later apply this mindset in the office.

As well as the skill-building games and activities, the environment of the camp is equally valuable to the overall experience. Completing these exercises and learning about each other in tandem with nature allows for a strengthened bond between the group as well as between the individual and nature. It is exceedingly important to not only be aware of yourself in the office, but to be aware of yourself in your surroundings, which includes the outdoors on a wider scale. Also, there is a sharp contrast between playing games cooped up in an office building and constructing new skills and relationships outdoors with room and fresh air.

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Leap of Faith!

Welcome to the official blog site for Verdun Adventure Bound! I’m Carly Anderson, a senior at Kettle Run High School and an intern for McKinsey Development. I’m here to update you on exciting developments with Verdun and new opportunities, and anything else you’d want to know about the facility; I’ll begin by talking a little bit about Verdun’s famous adventure courses.

This past week a group of teachers from the St. John’s School in Warrenton visited the Verdun Camp and among the wide variety of activities they experienced were the “Swing Shot” and the “Leap of Faith.” Participation in these types of adventurous activities relates to trust and courage, as you need to muster up a fair amount of courage and will to dangle from a wire and fly across it at great speeds. Trust is also learned through trust of the physical system, trust in the counselors present and above all, trust in yourself. Check out the clip below Levi (McKinsey’s daring videographer) put together with his new Go Pro Camera.

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Verdun Gala 2012!

You are cordially invited to an evening of discovery and opportunity!

Saturday, April 28, 2012
at the home of Steve and Reta Rodgers
Moriah Farm
Warrenton, VA.

(Click here to get directions.)

R.S.V.P. here. As of April 25, the gala is SOLD OUT! Thank you everyone!

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