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Verdun Adventure Bound Statement of Purpose

We believe that each person’s life is a journey from the ME to the WE to the

We find our true purpose when we become an instrument of peace and an integral
part of a selfless human endeavor for a better world.
Therefore, the primary focal points of our programs include the exploration of self,
group dynamics and community service.  Our curriculum reflects a wide range of
life skills and subjects designed to broaden the outlook and education of our youth.
Physical, mental and emotional challenges are integrated in an effort to produce
positive life changing experiences.  We believe that given knowledge, opportunity
and support, our children can lead us on our journey from the ME to the WE to
the ONE.  We believe our children are the key to a brighter and better future for
mankind and the planet we inhabit.

Verdun is committed to providing an outdoor educational experience that enhances the ability of participants to become balanced, ethical and responsible members of the world we share. The is achieved through learning from the environment, overcoming obstacles, and interacting with fellow human beings.

Verdun’s approach is centered on placing groups of participants outdoors in controlled-risk situations that present them with physical and emotional challenges. In overcoming these challenges, participants develop new skills, strengthen existing one and discover how to interact in trusting, mutually supportive ways.

The outdoors is our classroom.  All exercises emphasize safety first and contain educational components that help create a strong sense of environmental conservation and stewardship.

Verdun Adventure Bound founder, Dr. David M. SnyderVerdun Adventure Bound was founded in 1999 by Dr. David M. Snyder to develop and promote the Adventure Bound Philosophy – the natural philosophy of growth and development reflected in nature. He envisioned a facility set in the beautiful Virginia Piedmont, offering varied programs designed to help individuals grow and become stewards of the natural world.

His primary focuses were serving and enhancing the lives of children and young adults living in Culpeper, Fauquier and Rappahannock counties. In its decade-plus of existence, the organization and its dedicated volunteers and community supporters have enhanced the lives and outlook of many children and young adults from the Piedmont region and beyond.

Here’s what the Culpeper Times had to say about Verdun Adventure Bound (.pdf) in its December 30, 2010 issue.

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