Verdun Adventure Bound (VAB) facilities cover 55+ acres of natural habitat that are ideal for groups seeking team building in an outdoor educational and adventure experiences. VAB may be reserved for use by a variety of groups: church youth groups to youth and adult retreats (excellent in preparation of sacraments); scouting; youth sports teams; adult sports teams; schools classrooms to entire school team building; civic organizations including chamber of commerce; corporate organizations.

Reserving the facility may include camping, adult and youth team building, team building weekend program or corporate group team building. All groups need to complete the reservation and registration process. Overnight stays are limited to camping (campers provide their own tents and equipment). All other facilities are limited to day (8am-4pm) and evening (4pm-10pm) use.

A detailed list of our facilities appears below. Click here to see a map of the facilities (pdf). Already know you want to experience at Verdun? Click here for instructions on how to book your experience at Verdun Adventure Bound.

Verdun Adventure Bound facilities includes:

The Anne Marie Sheridan Amphitheater for the Performing Arts. The VAB “theatre in the woods” enjoyed its grand opening in May 2013. The theatre has been graced with several local and national bands, including bluegrass and blues bands. The theatre is also being used for annual Summer Stock productions along with the VAB summer camp program. The Anne Marie Sheridan Amphitheater for the Performing Arts was built by donations from the community and we invite and encourage the community to visit on a regular basis. Anyone wishing to rent this beautiful facility to showcase your own concerts, productions, or other performance events is encouraged to contact us.

Apiary. Every February at VAB, the Northern Piedmont Beekeepers Association hold their annual six week beekeepers course. Students are given a classroom and a live laboratory for learning about bees and honey production. There is a fee for this class.

Campsites. VAB has twelve defined and improved campsites. There are additional cleared areas that are available for large groups. There are also several small areas for camping for those wanting a more primitive camping experience. In these areas, we recommend a backpacking stove for site cooking. In the twelve improved campsites, each has at least one fire ring and most have one cooking grate. Picnic tables and benches are available for use at each site.

Challenge Course. VAB has one of the East Coast’s premier pole-based Challenge Courses on fifty-five acres of impeccably maintained land. Tucked into the picturesque and tranquil groves of trees are twenty-one low rope elements and thirteen high rope elements. These courses are surrounded by open field space used for opening and closing activities, and large group games. For a complete list of all low and high rope elements, please go to our Challenge section. All challenge course activity is in close proximity to the Eagle’s Nest, enhancing the comfort and safety of our participants.

Cross Country 5K Course. VAB hosts two runs a year: the VAB Wounded Warrior 5k in the month of April and the Girls on the Run Piedmont 5K in November. The course is also a training home to several school cross country running teams and several competitions a year. The course is routinely maintained and mowed for frequent use. Interested in joining the VAB Walking Club? Please contact the office for more information.

Ducks Unlimited® wetland mitigation site. The special pond is approximately two acres in size and is located in the floodplain of Delridge Run. It is an ideal location for environmental studies and school science experiments. School are encouraged to contact VAB for securing a reservation for school field trips.

Eagles Nest Conference Center. This large building boasts several amenities including an existing classroom, a conference room, meeting room, permanent restrooms and a kitchen equipped with a large refrigerator, freezer, counters and a warming kitchen. The large meeting room has a 120 person capacity and has a stately stone fireplace. Please note that warming kitchen facility is very limited and intended to be for holding and serving only.

Games. VAB facilitators are known for their expertise using our thirty field games to transform individuals into functioning team members. What is better than that – fun and learning!?

Greenhouse. The greenhouse serves dual purposes: the propagation of native plants for use on Verdun property and for our art education program. The ideal setting for artists, the building is filled with light and may be used year around with controlled air flow of heat and air conditioning.

Kayaks and Canoes. Guests may use the VAB canoes and kayaks for an additional fee. The VAB Lifeguard will help access the equipment which are located next to pond.

Kiosk. The Kiosk is located next to the multi-purpose building and the parking lot. It serves as a welcome to all of our guests and all current information. There is a map of facility, additional release of liability forms, listing of all emergency numbers and a lock box for any payment due.

Multi-purpose building. The VAB office is located in this building. Campers are asked to come by the office to check in and out. Permanent restrooms are housed in this building which also has a handicap restroom facilities. If necessary and for an additional fee, portable toilets are placed strategically throughout the facility. This building has a first aid station although medical facilities are very limited. If necessary, the Little Fork Volunteer Fire Department is located next door.

Pavilion. The natural covered pavilion near the pond with a concrete floor and a stone fireplace, water faucet and electricity. This area also have a permanent grill ideal for family and group cook-outs. A near-by fire ring with a circle seating area is perfect for an evening under the stars while enjoying s’mores. Pond. The VAB three acre pond is visible from the pavilion. A beautiful gazebo sits on an expanded fishing pier. Fishing piers are available as part of our catch and release program. Any group interested in the pond for any and all water activities must abide by all the VAB water rules and make a reservation for a minimum of two hours. There is an additional hourly fee for an on-duty VAB lifeguard.