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Challenge COURSE team building

VAB has one of the East Coast premier pole-based Challenge Courses on 55+ acres of impeccably maintained land. Tucked into the picturesque and tranquil groves of trees are twenty-one low rope elements and thirteen high rope elements, surrounded by open field space used for opening and closing activities, and, large group games. All challenge course activity is in close proximity to the Eagle’s Nest, enhancing the comfort and safety of our participants.

Our qualified facilitators has expertise with all ages and energy levels of participants from ages 8 to 86 years of age. We satisfy the intended goals and outcomes for a myriad of groups ranging from youth academic and sports teams to adult social and professional development ventures. Typical one day programs are approximately 6 to 7 hours and may be extended to multiple days including rustic overnights. We exceed expectations and anticipated outcomes for a myriad of groups ranging from youth academic and sports teams to adult social and professional development ventures.  

All activities employed at Verdun Adventure Bound can be presented to address the specific needs and goals of a group.  Typical intended outcomes are improved teamwork, communication, trust and overall positive group dynamics.  Opportunities for individual growth and personal challenge highlighting leadership style, planning, decision making and follow through are built in to each activity.  The sequence of a group through a challenge course experience will be determined by the facilitator based on the unique characteristics of the group’s development towards their goal(s).

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Fine Arts

Verdun Adventure Bound (VAB) is currently looking for a local artist to help develop a top fine arts program here at VAB.  We have a beautiful large greenhouse we would like to convert to a working studio for adults and youth.

Our 55+ acres is the beginning of your life’s canvas to teaching others the benefit of fine arts!

Please contact us if you think you are the right person for the job!

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Weekend Retreats

If your family or friends are looking for outdoor weekend challenges & fun activities, check out the numerous options Verdun Adventure Bound (VAB) offers. We can arrange for a qualified staff member to plan, train and guide your group through a series of low and/or high ropes challenges on site.

If you are interested in learning to kayak, you can spend time in a low impact area as we train you in our pond.

VAB offers guided “Muddy Tracks” programs for rafting, kayaking, hiking, climbing and repelling at nearby rivers and parks.

Day use of our facilities and overnight primitive camping are both available. VAB is a great location for reunions, family gatherings or an informal gathering of friends for safe outdoor fun activities.