Weather Policies

Verdun Adventure Bound (VAB) strives to provide a safe, alcohol, drug, and smoke free environment for our staff and visitors. In the interest of safety the Board of Directors has set forth the following policy regarding Operations at VAB during adverse weather conditions.

VAB facilities are to be CLOSED when any of the following occur prior to the event:

Verdun Adventure Bound facilities operational procedures when a weather incident is declared for Culpeper County during an event are:

  • Weather Watch: Participants are to monitor local resources for information at least every four (4) hours and be prepared to make appropriate adjustments in activities.
  • Weather Advisory: Participants are required to make appropriate adjustments in their activities and monitor local resources for additional information. Cancellation/reschedule  (without penalty).
  • Weather Warning (Snow, Heavy Rain, High Wind (over 35mph), Tornado, etc.): Participants are expected to modify programs, move to hardened shelter on-site or depart the facility as appropriate. Cancellation / reschedule (without penalty).

If a weather incident is declared involving Fauquier or Rappahannock Counties the actions specified for Culpeper County are highly recommended and may be required by VAB staff.

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