Corporate Programs at VAB focus on the process and not just the action to assure the corporation’s development goals are reached. To ensure success, VAB staff conducts a corporate in-take interview that explores the organizational issues and desired outcomes. From this information a customized program is designed which may involve pre-work, a VAB campus visit with on-course and off-course activities and even a corporate on-site experience. VAB corporate programs believe all solutions are team and staff directed. We facilitate the group to improve team interaction and to generate a workable solution. Our main areas of expertise include the following.

Team Building
Every company is comprised of formal and informal teams. To heighten the team’s production, function and morale, the team and its members must understand the expected outcomes and goals sought by the leadership; the reason for the creation of the team; and each team member’s individual responsibility for the team to succeed. Let VAB help form a strong nucleus among co-workers. Through cogitative and physical activities, VAB staff will encourage and enable the team to create better group interaction, greater interpersonal understanding and a clearer vision of the leadership’s goals.

Communication Skills
Communication is essential in any industry or business. Without clear communication a business or team experiences great difficulties including low morale. To improve internal communications, teams and staff need to work on understanding communication traits, recognizing each other’s preferred communication style and adapting one’s style to most effectively respond to another member. VAB facilitators focus the activities to deconstruct and then reconstruct communication dialogues including body language to generate more effective interaction.

Leadership Development
To lead, one must understand his/her leadership style(s), the team’s preferences and the situational leadership style demanded. This acumen of awareness, leadership style traits and shift ability can be developed. Through pre and on-site assessments, VAB facilitators will begin with a leadership baseline to give participants an awareness of their leadership style(s). From this input, facilitators will lead the participants on a exploration of multiple leadership styles to assess their strengths, weakness and situational applications. Then participants will be asked to adapt and adopt various styles to best engage the team and most effectively address the situation.

Strategic Planning/Visioning
In today’s fast moving markets, companies and teams need to know the direction and the future plan of the organization. This requires giving attention to the organization’s strategic plan and vision. The leadership must step-back from the day-to-day operations to envision the future. This process can be overwhelming but when facilitated properly, the time spent will result in clear goals and actions for advancing the company with clear accountability.

Conflict Management
Conflict normally is viewed negatively, however when managed, it can create greater understanding and the best possible solution between conflicting sentiments. To work through conflict, time must be given so parties may voice their opinions and create awareness of differing viewpoints. The parties need to understand the other parties’ perspectives and work toward a mutual solution, based on the viewpoints and external environment. VAB corporate staff can help your company, leadership or teams work through matters of conflict to maintain relations and improve functionality.

Change Management
Change is one of the hardest things for people to embrace; however it is a constant in business. To help with the process, VAB corporate facilitators will walk your team through organizational development designs and on-course activities to help the team with the pending organizational shift. The required corporate change is placed at the center of the process to enable conversations, conflicts, fears and concerns to be openly discussed so that each person feels heard and can adopt and adapt to the changes.