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Ropes Course Options

Bring Your Team To Verdun!

Verdun Adventure Bound is a beautiful 67-acre facility just a 15 minute drive from Airlie. We can provide transportation for up to 30 participants with two 15-passenger handicapped accessible buses. For larger groups we can assist with finding transportation for you.

Low Ropes

Want to take professional development to the next level? Our skilled facilitators will teach the latest in essential skills for effective teams, but we will not lecture you from a projection screen. Your team will be divided into groups of 7-12 participants. These teams will work to overcome team building challenges on the low ropes course. Low Ropes Courses also known as Leadership Reaction Courses were invented by the military to develop leadership and collaborative skills for teams. The Verdun course consists of 12 unique stand alone challenge elements. Each challenge is designed to develop and strengthen communication skills, collaboration, leadership, problem solving skills and more. Share the needs of your team with our development staff and we will build a program designed to meet your needs! Have your own professional development curriculum? Share it with us and we choose elements on the course that fit that curriculum. Not sure what you need to work on? That’s okay too, our experienced facilitators will read the language and behavior of the group in real time , constantly diagnosing and using their observations to choose the challenges best suited to meet the needs of the team.

  • 3-4 hours

  • Minimum: 5 people

  • Max: 150 people

  • Price: $65/person

  • Outdoor at Verdun Adventure Bound

Low and High Ropes Team Building Extravaganza

Take your team to new heights! This is the best option for an intensive day of teambuilding! Your team will start their day with learning and growing on the Low Ropes Course. Low Ropes will begin the team bonding process, building on skills, trust, and relationships but then all these learning objectives are driven home in the afternoon with high ropes. The Verdun High Ropes Course contains both dynamic and static elements. Our dynamic elements use a team belay method giving participants the feeling that their safety is in the hands of the team. Everything we do at Verdun is “challenge by choice” meaning that each team member sets their own personal goals on the high ropes. No one is required to climb at all and can fully participate without ever leaving the ground or by only ascending two feet off the ground. The team works together to encourage participants to reach their own goals and push themselves. This can be an incredibly impactful experience for participants and can create a bond that will never dwindle. Trust is the foundation for teamwork, without trust your team will not succeed. If you want to build trust, there is no better way than a Low and High Ropes Team building day at Verdun. Finish the day off with our 650’ long parallel zip lines! Our highly skilled facilitators will work with your team to ensure safety, to promote essential skill building, and to ensure your team has a blast!

  • 5-6 hours

  • Min: 10 people

  • Max: 100 people

  • Price: $75/person 

  • Outdoor at Verdun Adventure Bound

High Ropes Experience

Looking for a fun play day on the ropes course? Bring your team out to Verdun for a thrilling experience on our high ropes course! Your team will skip all the low ropes team building and move right to the adventure. Our skilled facilitation staff will guide your team through a combination of our most thrilling high ropes elements. You choose from our Giant Swing, Leap of Faith, 6-element static high ropes course, climbing tower, zip lines, and more! Switch a day in the conference room for a day of fun and excitement on the Verdun Adventure Bound high ropes course.

  • 2-4 hours

  • Min: 10 people

  • Max: 50 people

  • Price: $65/person   

  • Outdoor at Verdun Adventure Bound

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