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Choose from our list of specialized professional development workshops or work with our program design team to customize your own! We solemnly swear that regardless of the workshop you choose, you will not spend the day in a chair looking at a screen. No endless acronym memorization and droning instructors. 

Our experienced team of instructors use games, team challenges, exciting activities and more, utilizing the experiential learning model. This method of learning provides participants with the ability to actively engage with the skills they are learning and put them into practice in real time. This makes for a memorable experience that not only teaches your team new skills but strengthens their professional relationships and collaboration skills in the process. 


Develop new leadership skills for your executive, management, or peer level team. Leadership is often idealized as a heroic like quality, at Verdun we strongly believe this is a fallacy. Effective leadership can be demonstrated through the simplest acts. Our experienced program design team will teach your group how to become more effective leaders by combining the work of scholarly research and our own experience in teaching leadership for decades. 


Have a leadership model you are already using? Work with a program design team to integrate your current shared language into your leadership development workshop and help us help you produce stronger leaders!


Conflict is an inevitable part of all collaborative efforts and has increasingly become more relevant in our daily lives. Conflict is a necessary part of change and can be a strong catalyst for improvement within your team or organization. However, conflict can also be a potent force of destruction that can have lasting effects on morale, team culture, relationships, productivity, collaboration, and more. 

Effective conflict resolution skills can be the difference between conflict being a destructive force or a constructive agent of improvement. When your team participates in a Conflict Resolution Workshop at Verdun Adventure Bound, our experienced staff will use games, initiatives, team challenges, role plays, and more to teach these essential skills. Participants will have the opportunity to put these skills into practice in real-time through simulated conflict situations. Participants will learn the causes of conflict and gain a strong understanding of how and why conflicts turn destructive. They will learn skills to counteract these causes and ensure that conflict remains a constructive element of their interactions. 


Don’t see what you’re looking for here, or don’t know what your team needs? We can help! Our experienced program design team will work with you to analyze what barriers are limiting your team potential. We will design a targeted program to address these barriers and provide your team with the skills they need to succeed. Our facilitators have decades of experience in building teams and immense knowledge of models and strategies designed to repair any issue. 

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